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Our love as a parent and our desire for our children’s health and safety is unquestionable.

It’s our emotional patterns, conditioned responses, lack of presence, self-doubt, and lack of self-care (losing our true selves) that get in the way of our fulfillment and ability to express our love fully in a way our family can receive.

This Conscious Parenting Course is about discovering and connecting to your inner, joyful, wise self. It’s about reclaiming your own power as a mom and as a woman. Conscious Parenting is about developing the patience and presence needed to raise confident kids that express who they are as unique individuals and realize true fulfillment in life, while you do the same.

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conscious parenting

Do you find yourself choosing between your family and work? Do you feel stressed out at the never-ending demands of your personal life, career and family? Is it time to sidestep interpersonal restrictions, and enjoy breakthrough performance?

This program helps you tap into the collective wisdom of others by partnering with a Strategic Interventionist Coach and a group of 5 -10 individuals. If you are new to coaching, or not quite ready for private one-on-one coaching, but are motivated to achieve rapid results both personally and professionally, group coaching is a wonderful option.

It allows you to benefit from one-on-one coaching within the group, as well as from other people facing similar challenges and limiting, behavioral and emotional patterns; by listening to a coaching session with another member of the group, you can create your own personal breakthroughs. Group Coaching combines the power of coaching with the gift of group support to help you create the business and life you desire.

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Soulful Relationship Course

Keli and her husband, Shawn, are developing a relationship course based on overcoming their own challenges in their marriage from a perspective of soulful truths that allow partners to be on the same page, become truly present, utilize effective communication and reach new levels of intimacy that deeply fulfill and support both people, even if one partner isn’t “doing the work.”

This was inspired by their own journey, and seeing and hearing stories of others' marriage challenges, miscommunications, and dysfunctions. It seemed couples would receive instruction from well-meaning counselors and coaches suggesting scheduled sex or date nights, controlled ways of speaking, etc., but these techniques and strategies only work on the surface.

Quite often they become distractions to the lack the spiritual understanding of partnerships that fill your soul, restore security in the relationship, and create a deep, intimate connection that results in ever greater fulfillment. Please add your name to our mailing list to be the first to find out more. Until then, private coaching with one of us is a powerful and effective option.

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Leadership coaching

This program helps you, as a leader in your industry, tap into the collective wisdom of your team by partnering with a Strategic Interventionist Coach and a group of 5 -10 individuals. This group coaching format is the perfect way to alleviate any issues, create understanding between team members, facilitate more effective communication, and create peak performance individually and collectively.

TOSA Leadership Coaching facilitates its members raising the standards by which each participant is held, challenging each other to create and implement greater vision and goals.

TOSA Leadership Coaching combines the power of coaching with the gift of group support to help your team stand out above their peers as well as meet and exceed their own goals and those of the team.

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