FREE 5 Day Live Online Journeys of Self-Discovery, Transformation & Community

Each TOSA Journey Has Daily Guided Empowerment Meditations, Self Inquiry Healing Journals and Live Coaching



3 Essential Practices to Reclaim Your Inner Strength & Power As a Woman
(and As a Mother)

conscious parenting course, mindfulness for kids, meditation

An extraordinary 5 days of re-defining, healing and transforming your life so that you can fulfill your desire for resolution and purpose.

Master 3 simple practices that dissolve feelings of powerlessness and open you to your inner strength, fulfillment and authenticity.

I’ll help you release hidden (and not so hidden) anger and judgement that have you feeling weak, disempowered and confused — it’s time to take back your power, release the past and give yourself permission to show up, own your inner strength and bold, authentic self.



Self-Love & Soul-Filled Nurturing — Leaving You Feeling Empowered & Sexy
(For You and Your Family)

conscious parenting

A 5 day sacred journey of nourishing presence and compassion to uncover and awaken your sexuality, confidence and joy.

Explore 3 juicy techniques to release self-doubt, guilt and uncertainty and spark your inner beauty, sensuality and trust.

Let me help you release your self-judgement, shame and unworthiness so you can experience the radical love you have been waiting for.  Gain the appreciation for, and see the perfection in, your imperfections so you can fall deeper in love with the only person who matters — YOU!



A Radical Approach to Having a Fabulous Family
(Without Sacrificing YOU)

Soulful Relationship Course

A week of healing, radical forgiveness and re-discovering your courage. Release the grip of old resentments and stories that have kept you stuck and frustrated and attain the freedom you deserve.

Uncover 3 vital strategies for living fully, releasing the sabotage that comes when you make it all about your partner, so you can reclaim your power and wholeness.

Explore these strategies over 5 days and develop a new sense of understanding and clarity about your relationships, gain the strength and courage to release hurtful dynamics, discover how to get your husband on the same page and learn what you must believe in order to create a soul-filled partnership and family.


Keli is no stranger to mind, body and spirit awareness. She first started practicing a mantra-based meditation at the age of six, when her mother took her to learn Transcendental Meditation® (TM).

Keli has raised three children with meditation and the practice of presence. She believes that the biggest gift you can give your children, and yourself, is the understanding of spiritual truths and connecting to your inner strength, and to Creation itself.

Keli is passionate about coaching women, youth and families all over the globe to feel confident, empowered and strong in the way they live their lives. With over 10 years of coaching experience, her goal as a Chopra Center Certified Instructor and transformational coach is to help you learn and master the two most essential tools that help to align you with your soul’s purpose, your essential nature and the truest expression of yourself, all whilst healing and transcending past resentments and stories that have kept you stuck and in pain. It is then that you experience the miracles and fulfillment of life in every moment (especially during life’s inevitable obstacles).

Keli Carpenter